Dr Peter Beron Private Secondary School - Sofia, Bulgaria

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What are the organisation's main activities?
Offers education in two age groups- primary and low secondary school. Teaches foreign langugaes from an early age ,since 6 year-old. Private school bu fully under control of the National Ministry of Education with a school curriculum legally aproved and tetsed. The school also provides extended classes for team sports, ballet, art and history, aiming to broaden
the cultural knowledge of the students and develop both respectful and analytical attitudes to our modern times. Language training is paid exclusive attention, the school was one of the first in the country, participating in National Innovation plan of the Ministry of Education, defending a project Independent Learner for Intensive foreign language trainin. Theschool also pepares its students into competitve Math and regulary participates into all national and international Math
competitions advertised in our country. The institution is also a member of the Private Schools’ Organization of all chartered shools in the country. The school keeps students into all-day stay regime , organizing for the students middayrest, lunch and green area to relax. For busy parents , who can take their children later, there is a whole-year schedule for after classes Atelie.
Extra curricular activities are wide range. Subjects but are taught in extended number of classes and offer more detailed aprroach.
Primary students, age 8-10. Low secondary students, age 11-14. T